Because Sanremo is Sanremo

Thirteen years later we return where it all began: at the Casinò di Sanremo.

It was 2006 when this historic structure hosted the first big Texas hold’em tournament, or sports poker tournament, if you prefer. Yeah, because then we were all fascinated by the formula that allowed to invest a small amount to win a much more important.

It was a boom, which reached a point of equilibrium, of course, but the phenomenon did not stop. A new path as IPO Sanremo, which from April 30 to May 6 will travel a new path in Liguria. Giambattista Vico, would write about courses and appeals, Venditti of loves that make immense turns and then return. Whether you prefer a Neapolitan philosopher, or a Capitoline singer-songwriter, in this case nothing changes.

The game that made us fall in love, by now we can say, a couple of generations of Italians, returns to its cradle. The event immediately presents itself with a bang: 1 million guaranteed, 550 euros of buy-in. I stress it, because it serves to understand that 13 years have changed many things in our country, but not the desire to participate in a competition with the cards in hand, in a structure of the highest level, with an organization of professionals and with the possibility of experience unique moments of aggregation. Yeah, because in 2006 social networks did not exist and the “explosion” did not post it on facebook, you obsessively repeated it to friends, who tried to escape desperate.

Then, okay, there is Giannino Kart who, in the face of Zuckenberg, still tells of axes on the river looking for consensus and understanding. Having characters like him who have experienced Texas hold’em with a unique spirit. I have no doubt that in Sanremo there will be and will feel suddenly younger, like many others that will crowd the hall of the Casinò di Sanremo. So, 13 years after that 2006, we will find ourselves with the smartphone in our hands and some white hair more, even to smile of what we were, naive poker players dressed as cowboys, with mirrored glasses, ready to curse a call that it forces us to abandon a dream. And if we burst like 13 years ago we will walk on the wonderful beach, kissed by the Sanremese sun of May,