Sanremo City

Sanremo, a place of art, entertainment, shopping for the citizen and for tourists.

Sanremo, a well-known Ligurian city, is internationally known as the city of flowers. Its luxuriant flora is due to the benevolent climate that characterizes the coast, temperate climate, light breeze that constantly blows and winter always mild and sunny.

Sanremo was founded in Roman times along the Via Julia Augusta. In the fourteenth century it passed under the Maritime Republic of Genoa. It was Napoleonic in the late eighteenth century, while in 1814 it was annexed to the Savoy Kingdom of Sardinia.

Today Sanremo is home to the Festival della Canzone Italiana, an internationally acclaimed singing festival that was born on January 29, 1951 in the Salone delle Feste del Casino on the initiative of the Gambling House itself, as an attraction for its customers. Since 1976 the Festival takes place at the nearby Ariston Theater.

From an artistic and architectural point of view, Sanremo presents some excellences, such as the Devachan Castle, built at the end of the 19th century, the Collegiate Basilica of San Siro Cathedral, the Orthodox Church, commissioned by the Russian nobility who used to spend the winter in San Remo of the nineteenth century, Villa Nobel, Villa Angerer, the Borea d’Olmo palace, home of the civic museum. Sanremo is truly a tourist destination for all seasons.