Cash Game Rules

During IPO Sanremo, the Casino will make available to the players the cash game tables. From the first day of the tournament, scheduled for April 30, 2019, the cash tables will open extraordinarily at 13:00, ending at 03:00. These times will be in force until the last day of the event, Monday May 6th 2019. Please take note of the gaming regulations of the cash game tables, which is available to you at the Casino, as well as the table of playable limits shown in this section.
The Casino Management guarantees the transparency and regularity of the game but is not responsible for the actions of individual players. Those who violate the Code of Conduct may be excluded from the games. It is strictly prohibited: to conduct fraudulent behavior with other players and any action aimed at determining an incorrect hand performance; physically or verbally threatening players and employees; use an obscure and / or vulgar language; disturbing with arguments, screams or noises; deface the playing cards in any form; use the mobile phone or earphones.

The player must not behave incorrectly at the table and, in particular, can not:
act out of your turn; deliberately throw chips into the pot; agree to do CECK in a hand where a third player is involved in ALL IN; detecting the content of an active hand in a pot contested by several players before the completion of the bets; slow down the game; throw away your cards energetically when you leave your hand; remove the waste from its own endowment; make statements or take actions that could affect the smooth running of the game; advise or criticize the gameplay of another player.

The Management can decide, at its unquestionable judgment, when to start and finish a game; the banknotes are not allowed at the table; before taking a seat at the table, one must wait for the floorman's permission; a player who leaves the place can not return to the original table before 1 hour and will be considered a new player; after 20 minutes of absence at the table, the Management can remove the tokens and give the place to another player; the official languages to be used at the table are Italian and English.
All the work activities of those operating during our events will be carried out with honesty and diligence, in order to protect the image and the reputation of the event, of our partners, of our employee.

Players have the obligation to wear clothing appropriate to the place. Therefore, it is forbidden to enter the Casino with sports shorts, tank tops, flip-flops. Backpacks and totes must be kept in the cloakroom provided by the Casino.
Players must have a valid and current identity document (identity card and / or passport) and go to the counters located at the entrance of the Casino. In the absence of such a document entry will be not allowed.
The payment of the registration fee for any poker tournament can take place by:
debit card
credit card (VISA-MASTERCARD)
In case of winnings for amounts exceeding € 3,000 (three thousand / 00 euro), the Casino will pay by issuing a cashier's check or by bank transfer. No other forms of payment are possible
Bank name: Banco BPM SPA, Sanremo IT
Swift: BAPPIT21780
Iban: IT47 X 05034 22700 0000 0002 1305
Reason for payment: : the name of the game paid for (e.g. IPO, DAY 1A, WPTDS Sanremo, DAY 1A, 7/6/2018, buy in amount: .)for Mr. xxxxxxx, date of birth.

It should be noted that the gaming regulations applied at the Sanremo Casino reflect the general guidelines established by the TDA but, obviously, adapted to the cash game.